A fourth Generation Kazel Family Company

Dawn House Movers was founded in 1926 by Mr. John Dawn.

A farmer who raised pigs in Yaphank, the same yard we operate out of today. After years of moving barns and small buildings in the local area, Mr. Dawn sold the business to Edgar Allen and Walter Gordan.

Stan Kazel Jr. went to work with his two uncles, Edgar and Walter, at the age of 18. Twelve years later he was the sole owner of the business, buying out both shares of his uncles by the age of 30. With the help of his three younger siblings, the Kazel Brothers took Dawn House Movers from a small, bare bones company equipped with a few wooden timbers and a beat up old farm truck, and built it into what we are today.

Today all operations are overseen by Stans son, Stan Kazel III.

The father/son team, work hands on with their crew every day, maintaining the Dawn House Movers standard of Success.

Structural moving and lifting is more of an art then anything, and that is where nearly 100 years of experience matters most, over the past century, we have amassed the knowledge to successfully complete any move or lift that can be throw our way, and we are fully equipped for it.

The equipment that we employ, is the industries greatest.

Unified hydraulic jacking systems, radio remote control dolly systems, XY skates, hydraulic push rams and yards packed with steel and cribbing.

Give us a call or send an email to our office and someone will be in contact with you as soon as possible. We are always here to help you along the way.