Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about our services:

Please feel free to contact us with any questions:

How much does the average house move or lift cost?
Being that each and every relocation project is different and presents its own unique challenges, there is really no such thing as an average cost for a house lift or move. What you can do is call our offices at 631-924-3818 and speak to someone in regards to your project. If you have a set of plans from an architect, send them our way.

We can usually give you a ball park figure for our end of the work over the phone, and can then set up an onsite appointment to go over the entire job, and a finalized proposal will be submitted to you.
How far back is Dawn’s schedule booked?
Our schedule fluctuates constantly, but on average we can to any job within a 1-3 week time period.
How long has Dawn been moving buildings?
We began moving buildings in 1926, and we are now a 4th generation moving company.
Where do I begin with my project? How do I get the ball rolling?
Your first step is going to be hire an architect. (Give us a call we can recommend you several) Your architect will draw a set of plans for your project. This set of plans is the guide for every contractor that works on your house. Your architect will also get all your permits in order.
Once you have the plans, you have two options. You can hire a general contractor, who will in a sense take control of your project. They will put every aspect of the job out to bid and hire tradesmen accordingly. For example, they will contact multiple house movers, masons, builders, plumbers, electricians etc. and seek out the best of the best for your project.
Your other option is to be your own general contractor, but we do not recommend doing so if you’re not in the construction industry.
My house is built on a concrete slab, can it be moved?
Yes, your house can be moved or lifted if it’s built on a slab, although the process is slightly different from a building that has a wood frame floor. Buildings on a slab require the walls be stripped of everything (sheetrock, plaster, insulation etc.) from the floor level up 4 feet. This is done to expose the structural studs. We then install our grid of steel I beams through the now exposed walls and bolt ledger boards on top of our steel, and into the buildings structural studs. Once complete, we pressurize our hydraulic jacking system and lift the building off of the slab. Once lifted high enough, your new foundation is built underneath, and a brand new framed floor system is built. We then return and set the walls down onto your new floor.
Can you move or lift my house with my existing fireplace and chimney intact?
In most cases yes! Our rep will determine the feasibility during the site visit.
Is Dawn licensed and insured?
Yes, we carry every license as well as every required insurances, including Cargo insurance.
Does Dawn get the permits for my job?
No, we handle whatever licensing and permitting required from the state on our side, but you will need to acquire the permits for your project. Usually your architect or General Contractor will take care of that for you.
Can attached garages and breezeways be lifted or moved as well?
Will my landscape be ruined in the process?
Yes, you can expect your grass and any trees and shrubbery around the perimeter of the building to be taken out upon the start of our job. Sometimes we can work around areas and certain trees if possible. This too will be discussed during the site visit by our rep.
What interior damages should I expect?
We employ a unified hydraulic jacking system on every project, this ensures a stress free and even lift. It is common that there are no interior damages, but we always tell our customers to expect a few hairline cracks in the sheetrock and plaster just in case.
Wood floors, kitchen and bathroom tiles, granite?
Again we utilize a precision unified jacking system, so everything can stay inside the home and you shouldn’t expect any damage.
Do wood stoves, a piano, gun safe, interior hot tubs or any other heavy belongings inside the house have to be removed?
Nope! Everything can stay just as it is.
How long from start to finish should I expect my project to take?
Again, every project is different and the time line varies a lot, but on average it is usually a 2-3 month turn around.
How high can you lift my home? How far can it be moved?
We don’t really have a limitation on height or move distance, but physical obstacles such as overhanging tree limbs and wires down the road derail many over the road moves. You can contact PSEG Long Island as well as cablevision and telephone and get a price from them to remove the wires temporarily, but this can be costly.

As far as lifting, sky’s the limit!
Is any building moveable?
Yes, no matter the size, age or weight of the building, it can be moved.
I want to move my home cross country, possible?
Anything is possible, although it is not cost efficient to do so.