Building movers in Jericho, Long Island

Dawn House Movers are fourth generation, family-owned building movers in Jericho, Long Island. We proudly offer building movers services in Jericho, Long Island.

Throughout the past 80 years, we have been involved in thousands of building moving and lifting projects in Jericho, Long Island, and offer every aspect of the building moving industry, which includes relocation and elevation of homes, buildings and structures.

From pulling beachfront homes away from the encroaching oceans, to saving historical buildings from the wrecking ball and lift projects all across New York to help homeowners meet FEMA regulation. Many of our clients are enrolled in the New York Rising program.

We employ a unified hydraulic jacking system on all of our projects. This system ensures a precise, even lift every time. So precise you can leave all of your belongings inside the house during the lift and building move process.

For building movers in Jericho, Long Island contact Dawn House Movers.

Ask around, we have an untarnished reputation as one of the best building movers in Jericho, Long Island!

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